Analyze and Visualize Dropout

Upload Data

Go to the Input Data Tab and upload your dataset as a .csv file. Choose the right delimiter, decimal and text quote characters. Make sure to include your questions in a one column per question format, preferably in the order of occurence in the questionnaire. After Uploading the data choose all columns that contain questions as well as the column that holds the experimental condition (groups). This needs to be done within the same tab before continuing.

Identifying Drop Out

The subsequent tab show a visualization of drop out by experimental condition. Also the total is shown.

Remaining Participants by Condition

χ2 Test for differences among all conditions

Odds Ratio Condition Matrix (All Combinations)

Visualization in this app uses the NVD3 JavaScript Charting library. The shiny app makes use of the shiny-examples provided by Joe Cheng. DropR follows an idea of Ulf-Dietrich Reips and Matthias Bannert.